Friday, April 15, 2011

Some of our favourite #wsf tweets

We've had some funny, poetic, beautiful and poignant tweets since we started our #wsf campaign last week so we thought we'd post some up here to say thank you!
Here's a selection of our faves so far, but keep them coming in!

 Kate Yedigaroff 
They stand behind a long desk. And confess. Relentlessly. Frivolities and horrors. To my left 'this isn't theatre' & i am delighted 

 search party 
He shows me a picture of his penis and asks me to rate it out of ten. I give him a 4. Everything has changed between us. 

 Sedated By A Brick 
Her head jerks down quickly towards the solid desk surface. I flinch. Water splashes everywhere. She is drowning in the desk. 

 Sita Calvert-Ennals 

 I opened my eyes and he was crying. I knew I was a fool but I felt like he was crying for me

 Hannah Nicklin 
A man lights a single candle for me, and I write a letter that it takes all my efforts not to dot with tears 

 Action Hero 
i spat the ball at his forehead and he threw the beer bottle at my head 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tweet #WSF

We See Fireworks begins at the Barbican on April 18th before touring around the world. But we want you to Tweet #WSF with your perfect, poignant or poetic performance moments now! Follow us @IBTProductions

Monday, April 4, 2011

'It's like a star imploding'

We were sat there really, really high up and I just have this memory of watching 40 odd performers on stage all moving in complete, perfect unison. There was 50 or 60 rows of people in front of me, but I can still smell their sweat and hear their breath.

I walked into a car that came from Liverpool I think, and I really didn’t know what to expect when I walked into that car. And there was this man in the car and he offered me a sweet and I had the sweet and he talked to me about, about the death of his brother…

I wonder how many memories I have of shows I haven’t actually seen.

I saw a strong person, a lovely person, break on stage and even if it was pretend, it was heart-wrenching.

Walking the stage and gazing. Staring at the audience, daring them to do something….

And the last light goes out and there’s such a vacuum-like loss at the end that seems to suck everything into it, it’s like a star imploding or something.

You find yourself laughing and all of a sudden you don’t know why you have been laughing at all.

….like someone was stroking your soul…