Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pro Wrestler's and Their Tattoos

The men and women of the pro wrestling world sport some self-defining tattoos. From The Rock to Lita to Randy Orton, most wrestler's are covered with art that means something to them. Also, their body art is a way for fans to identify them and remember them forever. I mean who could ever forget The Rock's bull and Samoan tattoos, or Lita's green gargoyle which is tattooed on her upper bicep. Lita also has the word punk tattooed inside of her lower lip (ouch). Those are just my two favorite wrestler's with tattoos, but take a look and decide whose tat you like. Enjoy the photos of these pro wrestler's and their body art:

A closer look at Lita's most memorable tattoo:

Randy Orton



Rey Mysterio (Front & Back)

Ashley Massaro

Candice Michelle

Christy Hemme

The Undertaker

Brock Lesnar (Front & Back)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tattoo Spotlight: Lady Gaga Vs. Rihanna

Welcome to another episode of the Tattoo Spotlight. This time the my two subjects are some pretty popular pop singers. In the left corner is Lady Gaga and her Barbadian challenger is Rihanna Fenti. Both women have many tattoos, but they're mainly subtle tats. Not too big or vibrant. Also none of their tattoos have color. Take a look at their work and you be the judge of whose body art is more interesting and eye-catching. In this case, as far as originality goes, I must say that Lady Gaga is the winner. To get a better understanding of the meanings behind these two talented female tattoos take a glance at these sites:, I was also impressed by the fact that many of Gaga'a loyal fans have tattoos of her, take a look: She sure has some dedicated fans.

The tattoo that Kat Von D did for her in the video below:

Rihanna sports real and fake tattoos for her new movie role:

This tattoo is written backwards so Rihanna can read it in the mirror:

Tattoo Spotlight: Angelina Jolie Vs. Megan Fox

Well, well, well. These two women are like gorgeous twins that were separated at birth. Now, with their obvious physical similarities aside we can concentrate on the real purpose of this entry. Their body art. I won't lie, both females have amazing tattoos, but Angelina's takes the crown in this case. Angie's tats are more original, meaningful and she didn't copy off anyone which is something that Megan Fox can't quite say. If you want a full explanation and a rundown of all of Angie's tattoos and the meanings behind them follow this link: For a rundown and explanation of Megan's tats go here: It seems as though Megan has used Angelina's physicality as a means of success for herself. Hmmm, with my opinion aside I'd like to hear whose body art you find more original and heartfelt.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

2 Female Tattoo Artists Worth A Mention

Female tattoo artists are still a rarity, especially those who own their own shops. Tattoo artists Kat Von D and Joy Fumore own their own shops; Von D's being LA Ink and Fumore's is Twelve 28 Tattoo. They call the shots. Fumore's and Von D's shop each consists of mostly women and one man. Coincidence? Before writing this post my intention was to place these two amazing tattoo artists against each other and compare their work; however, I have decided to simply put their work out there since both portfolios are amazing. Von D has tattooed Lady Gaga among other celebs. Fumore's shop is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn while Von D's is in Los Angeles, so no matter what coast you're on if you're in the market for an amazing tattoo then these women are for you. Being successful in a male dominated field is quite difficult. Fumore admits that people tell her “I ain’t trusting no woman with a gun" ( Each woman's work can be seen here on their official sites:,
Kat Von D Giving Lady Gaga A Tattoo:

Miss Kat Von D
Miss Joy Fumore

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Female Rappers with Tattoos: Past & Present

A good amount of female rappers have tattoos. They use their body art as a representation of themselves and their public personas. Personally, I think Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes had the best tattoos. They were not gaudy and held great meaning. Also, she had the courage to tattoo herself in the early 90's when many female rappers, like Queen Latifah and MC Lyte, were not doing such things. Nowadays, it's a norm for a female rapper to be tatted up. Trina, Nicki Minaj, Charlie Baltimore, Foxy Brown, Khia, Jackie-O and Eve all have several tattoos. Lil Kim seems to be the only one one to not have any actual tats. Jackie-O, Khia and Charlie Baltimore appear to have the biggest ones. Each woman has her own personality and individual style, but I wonder when they get older how their body art will look...